Piers Morgan responds to Ewan McGregor by calling him a supporter of a child rapist

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Breakfast news sofa-dweller Piers Morgan was stood up by Ewan McGregor on Good Morning Britain earlier today.

The Hollywood actor was due to join Morgan and (long-suffering) co-host Susanna Reid on the sofa to have a chinwag about Trainspotting 2But following another episode of Morgan spouting antagonistic rhetoric through the medium of Twitter – when he called for a men’s march in response to the Women’s March that took place at the weekend – McGregor refused to come on the show.

But Morgan has gone as far to respond to being stood up with accusations that McGregor supports child rapists. Here’s how he responded to our story from this morning:

In terms of Morgan’s comments on the Women’s March, he previously called for people to stand with him against ‘rabid feminists’:

Which had been met with a clap-back from Reid:

Morgan had gone on to say to Reid:

“For every woman who marches with good intent there are women who I would categorise as ‘rabid feminists’ who don’t like men very much.

“I did a joke about having a men’s march to co-counter the emasculation of my gender and it went down incredibly badly. The one thing you can’t do with rabid feminists is make jokes. No humour is allowed at all.”

When McGregor didn’t turn up and made his reasoning public, Morgan responded with a series of tweets regarding his guest’s ‘thespian tantrum’:

His co-host responded with a bit more grace:

As yet, Ewan McGregor hasn’t replied to Morgan. Presumably he saw the picture of Trump on his Twitter bio and didn’t think he was worth the time.


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