Every Tom Hanks Movie In 8 Minutes With James Corden


There were many things that were good about James Corden’s first night on The Late Late Show, like the bit where he fanned his groin with the cue cards, but by far and away the best thing was the little skit in which he and Tom Hanks recreated every film the great actor has been in.

He's been in more than a few and it's easy to forget that almost all of them are classics you've been watching all your life. Although it's a comedy sketch you might find yourself with just a little lump in the back of your throat. 


Can you put a name to these Tom Hank's films?

We always knew James Corden was a twelve year old boy.

Tom Hanks wasn't in Six Days Seven Nights.

Chocolates come with little menus, you idiot.

James Corden's next role will be as the match ball for the FA cup final.

The Mona Lisa has always been massively overrated.


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