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Every advert in a London tube station has been taken over by pictures of cats

Clapham Common has given commuters reason to paws for thought

Every advert in a London tube station has been taken over by pictures of cats
Danielle de Wolfe
13 September 2016

One of the strange things about commuting on the tube is how the adverts become something of an almost pleasant reprieve from the dreariness of shuffling up and down the escalators and waiting on the platforms. Such is the tedium that posters for car insurance, dating apps and transferring money abroad suddenly become magnificent works of art to be poured over and enjoyed as you would in a gallery, just because they distract you from the fact your train is delayed and a man’s just run over your foot with his travel case.

Imagine though, if instead of having to stare at ads for companies and brands of varying levels of dubious evil, you could look at soothing pictures of cats? Well, if you’re going through London's Clapham Common at any point during the next two weeks, you’ll experience just that.

The Citizens Advertising Takeover Services (‘CATS’ – geddit?) managed to raise enough money via their KickStarter and their dream was fully realised today.

The group lay out their reasoning for the endeavour:

A) It would look amazing

B) It’s exhausting being asked to buy stuff all the time

C) We can help lost cats find homes

With A and B achieved after getting their claws firmly stuck into Clapham Common, it’s important to help them accomplish their goal with C. They’ve teamed up with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, who help rescue and rehome stray dogs and cats, and Cats Protection, who are committed to feline welfare and have cats to sponsor aplenty.

If you’ve got a few extra quid from having not been coerced to buy things and a bit of extra goodwill from having your spirits lifted by cute cats, do chuck some pennies their way.

[Images: Twitter]