Even Pizza Hut is trolling Kanye West now


Kanye West has quite a lot on his plate right now. Just not Pizza Hut...

Having already caused a public backlash with his confusing album release, attracted the ire of Taylor Swift for a lyric on said record, it's now got even worse for the rapper, who's just suffered the indignity of being trolled by the pizza chain over his Tweets about being millions of dollars in debt.

Thinking outside the (takeaway) box, the social media managers of Pizza Hut UK replied to one of the singer’s Tweets with this gem:

Before swiftly following it up with this one for extra lolz.

And it continued, with the company's PR people even imagining West's resume as being fashioned in the same edgy/slapdash way the cover for The Life Of Pablo was.

They’ve got a bit of previous targeting A-listers with ‘brandter’ too. Case in point: this recent Photoshop job on Elton John, following the musician’s admission that he’s a big fan of the pizza gaff: