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Eminem is ever so angry about the cancellation of 'The Punisher'

Slim Shady is flippin' livid

Eminem is ever so angry about the cancellation of 'The Punisher'
21 February 2019

It must be weird making a TV show. You work for ages on this thing and then put it out into the world, and it’s available to millions of people. Some of those millions are people you went to school with, people you look up to, even famous people.

It must have been pretty bonkers for the makers of The Punisher, Netflix’s recently-cancelled Marvel series starring Jon Bernthal as vigilante Frank Castle, when Eminem voiced his dissatisfaction at the show ending.

So it turns out Eminem has Netflix. You wouldn’t expect him not to have it – everyone’s got Netflix these days – but still, knowing it for certain is weirdly great. You can just picture him in his house with a mug of cocoa bingeing the shit out of Chef’s Table and Marie Kondo, trying to figure out if he can watch After Porn Ends 3 without it doing a big “Because you watched After Porn Ends 3” thing and embarrassing him, watching I’m Alan Partridge and shouting “Yo, this motherfucker’s crazy!”, eating three things of toast and watching The Crown more out of a sense of obligation than genuine desire.

Two of the show’s stars, Amber Rose Revah (who plays Dinah Madani) and Floriana Lima (Krista Dumont) also responded.

No matter how pissed off Eminem is, The Punisher remains sadly cancelled, along with Jessica Jones. Star Bernthal posted this tribute to the character on Instagram after the cancellation earlier this week.

(Pic: Getty Images)