Edward Snowden took just two words to perfectly shut down Kanye West


Just when you thought public mockery couldn’t get any worse for Kanye West in the wake of his recent ego-driven tirades on Twitter, Edward Snowden has taken time out of his busy schedule during asylum in Russia to crack wise about the rapper himself, using just two words.

Subtweeting a message Kanye sent out telling his fans to subscribe to his and Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal, twice, the CIA whistle-blower wrote “Please clap”. Which, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the US Republican race, is a wry reference to the seriously odd moment Jeb Bush instructed a New Hampshire crowd to put their hands together after they appeared less than enthused with his points.

Not that it dented the confidence of West, Tweeting this one for the history books a few hours later:

Still, it’s good to see Snowden’s not lost his sense of humour during his time in exile, with one cheeky Twitter user even claiming the US government should let him off with his antics on the basis of his gag alone.

There’s probably more chance of Kanye being President himself.