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Ed Sheeran thinks his 'Game of Thrones' character should have been 'brutally, brutally murdered'

"Ed Sheeran not being brutally disemboweled was very disappointing"

Ed Sheeran thinks his 'Game of Thrones' character should have been 'brutally, brutally murdered'
14 September 2018

Even though it’s arguably the biggest show of our generation, there haven’t been too many celebrity cameos on Game on Thrones.

We’ve had blink-and-you’ll-miss-it walk-ons by Coldplay’s Will Champion, Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men and even George W. Bush’s decapitated head.

But one celeb appearance that didn’t go down well at all was Suffolk-born pop crooner Ed Sheeran.

Playing a Lannister soldier, the ‘Thinking Out Loud’ singer infamously sang the little Westerosi ditty ‘Hands of Gold’ in the season 7 premiere ‘Dragonstone’.

Basically, Ed’s acting chops were ripped by shreds by critics and by snarky people on Twitter:

And the vitriol got so bad that Sheeran even shut down his Twitter account. Poor bloke.

Ed, however, has now had some time to reflect on his appearance and he firmly thinks his character should have just been taken out once and for all.

“I know what Game of Thrones fans hoped happened to my character,” Sheeran told BuzzFeed. “I’m sure they think my character got brutally, brutally murdered, but I think my character is still out there. I think he’s chillin’. It was fun being in Game of Thrones, but I definitely think they should’ve killed me off in the episode. I reckon that probably would’ve been the redemption for people that didn’t like it.”

You know what? This could made for a fantastic episode. Maybe an enormous direwolf could have rampaged through the forest and ripped his head off or perhaps a stray dragon could have reduced the singer to a flaming heap of ash and bones. The brutal possibilities are endless! 

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(Image: HBO / Medium)