Dynamo failed at a live magic trick and it was awkward


Pick a SIM card. Any card.

The magician known as Dynamo would have been wishing his latest show was held anywhere but at London’s O2 arena last night, after bad signal messed up one of his tricks and turned things immensely awkward inside the aptly named venue.

When Yorkshire’s answer to David Blane had invited audience member Tom on stage, the showman magically put his smartphone into a glass bottle, eliciting a good hefty few ‘OOO’s’ from a contented audience. However, then attempting to prove it was Tom's phone, Dynamo asked another participant on stage to give the device a bell – to no avail. Not a peep.

"It's a live magic show people, anything could happen," he explained on stage, stating the bleeding obvious as tittering broke out in the stalls and the phone remained inactive.

Thinking on his feet, the magician then turned to the audience to ask for any of Tom’s friends to give their mate a call. Surely, the audience thought, it would ring the second time...

It didn’t. Cue more bemusement from the assembled masses.

Talk about bottling it.