This Dutch spoof video on Donald Trump has gone viral and it's beautiful


Aside from an unhealthy obsession with the colour orange, have you ever wondered what else Donald Trump has in common with the Dutch people? 

Us neither, but according to this spoof video, inviting the new US president to pay attention to the land of windmills and mutinous national football teams, it turns out that it’s quite a lot.

Responding to Trump’s inauguration call to put “America first”, asking that he put the Dutch second, comedy show Zondag met Lubach created this video pitch on behalf of their government. Filled with Trumpisms and similarly outlandish ‘facts’ to those we heard in the bewigged one’s own campaign, it’s fantastically clever and well worth a watch.

And why not? These guys have “The best miniature pony park in the world.” – and Donald, you can grab it by the pony as much as you like. They’ve also got “All the best words”. Danish? “Total disaster”.

Seriously Donald, give it a watch, it’s beautiful.