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Drunk falls asleep wedged between train carriages

Worst idea ever

Drunk falls asleep wedged between train carriages
25 September 2011

Whether you're human or moose, being found in an awkward place when drunk is a familiar experience.

While your much-recited tale of falling asleep in the shed hugging the lawnmower has probably got you a few smirks in the past, it's really rather pitiful in comparison to this guy's tale.

Continuing to perpetuate the myth that British people drink far too much abroad, a beer fan enjoyed himself a little bit too much at Munich's Oktoberfest beer festival last week. He then passed out between two carriages on a 190 mph express train. Not wise.

Apparently, he couldn't remember how to get to his hotel so decided to get some sleep in the narrow space instead. Luckily passengers spotted him just five minutes before the train left and police rescued him.

Note for future, when travelling abroad, draw detailed map to the hotel on back of hand.