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Why having a few drinks on holiday could accidentally invalidate your travel insurance

Sorry to be the ultimate killjoys

Why having a few drinks on holiday could accidentally invalidate your travel insurance
17 August 2018

There are few greater joys in life than holidays and enjoying a few pints. And when these two things happen at the same time… well, you’ve pretty much reached Nirvana, haven’t you?

But money experts are now warning that drinking while on holiday could potentially invalidate your travel insurance, leaving you out of pocket if things go wrong while your abroad.

Tony Forchione from Money Saving Expert writes: “Many people aren’t aware, or forget, that if they drink alcohol on holiday, and lose something or have an accident, their insurance policy may not cover them – even if they were only a bit tipsy.

“But how many drinks are too many? The guidelines are hardly helpful, with all insurers having their own interpretations – ranging from the vague ‘drinking too much’ and ‘alcoholic abuse’ to ‘approximately four pints’.”

He goes on: “So what does this mean in practice? Well, it’s all about whether or not the amount you’ve drunk has affected your decision-making. As we all have different tolerances, for some this could mean that just one drink could invalidate a claim.”

Drinking on the beach? DANGER!!!

The Financial Ombudsman Service warned travellers about this problem earlier this year after a man fell in his hotel room, with medical records showing “acute alcohol intoxication”, and his insurer wasn’t obligated to pay out.

Forchione also warns that letting a stranger to take your phone for a photo, storing valuables in your hotel room and failing to follow health and safety rules could all leave you in the lurch if something goes awry while you’re on holiday.

So if you’re concerned about keeping your insurance all in check maybe cut back on the alcohol and try a few soft drinks as well. 

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