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If you’ve had any of these dreams recently you should probably quit your job

What's your subconscious telling you?

If you’ve had any of these dreams recently you should probably quit your job
08 March 2018

For a long time, psychologists have been studying the links between our dreams and what they mean for how we feel in our day-to-day lives. Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams became one of his most important works and it’s still pretty influential today.

And one of the most common things we dream about is work and work-related stress. A recent study by totaljobs found that even when we’re asleep, we’re obsessed about our jobs; in fact, 4% of people surveyed said they’ve dreamt about being killed by their boss. Now psychologist Dr Ian Wallace has revealed the three types of dreams that indicate that you should think about leaving your job and start searching for another.

Here they are… (but don’t blame us if you quit your job and everything goes balls up – maybe have a plan in place first? Good luck):

1. Being late

Do you always dream about being late? Time to give up your boring office job 

Dr Ian Wallace said: “Dreaming of being late for a train, a plane, any important appointment, or even your wedding indicates that it is time for you to commit to meaningful action rather than just involving yourself in busy and meaningless activity in a job that no longer fulfils you.

“Until you commit to a decision to find a more fulfilling role, you will always find yourself hesitating and using your time ineffectively. As soon as you commit yourself to definite action, you will find a range of opportunities opening up that will help you to fulfil your professional goals.”

2. Having an affair

Dreaming about an office romance could be bad for quite a few reasons 

Dr Wallace added: “Although the affair dream may seem to have nothing to do with the workplace, you are creating this dream because you realise that you are betraying your professional talents in some way. Some situation at work may be causing you to lose faith in your abilities and so you are probably relying too much on approval from other people to make you feel needed and special.

“Rather than constantly looking to others to make you feel attractive and shower you with praise, this dream is encouraging you to just be yourself, to be the person you really are, rather than always feeling you need to be appear to be someone else in order to be accepted.”

3. Can’t find your way home

Dreaming about being lost could be a sign to find a new career

The psychologist concluded: “When you dream that you can’t find your way home, there is a situation in your professional life where you feel that you aren’t able to express who you really are and demonstrate the talents that you feel most at home with. It can be easy to immerse yourself in the tasks and needs of other people but this can cause you to lose sight of your own needs and your deeper self.

“No matter how hard you work and how many professional sacrifices you make, you may always end up feeling unfulfilled and undervalued. The more honest that you are about declaring your purpose and demonstrating your talents to other people, the more at home you will feel with yourself.”

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