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Yeah, we’ve said it before, but this terrifying robot really is actually the MOST TERRIFYING one


Yeah, we’ve said it before, but this terrifying robot really is actually the MOST TERRIFYING one
22 June 2018

Do you know what are scary? ROBOTS. Do you know what else are scary? DRAGONS. As such, it would be remiss of you to dismiss ROBOT DRAGONS as “not scary”, seeing as in actuality, common sense would dictate that they should be “twice as scary”.

Thankfully, we now know this to be true, because they exist, and we can confirm that yes, they are absolutely terrifying. Like, don’t even look at them. Don’t watch this video of one. Can you imagine actually trusting a robot dragon? No, you cannot:

Researchers (careless, so very careless they are) from the University of Tokyo created this world-ender, bringer-of-death - a drone that comprises several modules, all able to change direction independently, enabling it to contort and stretch through various obstacles. You know, like your open bedroom window for a swift bit of skull-drilling.

The murder-bot’s name is DRAGON, which stands for “Dual-Rotor embedded multilink Robots of multi-degree-of-freedom aerial transformation” - answers as to how that acronym works on a stamped addressed postcard to That Makes Zero Sense Street, please. Currently it only consists of a few modules, but the plan is to increase that to around twelve, like the Human Centipede sequels did, essentially.

University of Tokyo assistant professor (and unwitting cause of the apocalypse) Moju Zhao told Digital Trends:

“DRAGON does not have to contact with the ground, so the motion freedom is higher than other multi-linked robots from two aspects: mobility and manipulation ability.”

Yes, all that tech-talk is very impressive, but when these things start to multiply, you better feel pleased with yourself as you watch them savage the landscape, crushing the skulls of children and cute rabbits and converting their bones into energy. Well done, hope you’re pleased with yourself.

(Image: YouTube)