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Donald Trump thinks everything sounds like 'Bing'

Buttons, machine guns, tweets, backwards rocket ships - BING

Donald Trump thinks everything sounds like 'Bing'
08 February 2017

Things we wish we didn’t know about US President Donald Trump #448 – he says ‘Bing’ a lot.

Not your ordinary amount of ‘Bing’. Not Dan Aykroyd in Grosse Point Blank. Not even to socially acceptable levels of a New York wiseguy impressing a hot broad inside some squeaky 1970s mafia hangout – we’re talking an unholy amount of Bings here, and enough to warrant this ludicrous supercut.

Compiled by the nice folk at Vice News, the video delivers all the best times Trump dropped the B-bomb. The bings, the booms, the bangs, but mostly the bings, it’s enough to think somebody dug up the Crazy Frog, put him in a suit, threw a wig onto his little head and made the ringtone lover leader of the free world.

We don’t know what’s worse: that Trump thinks a military grade machine gun makes the sound as somebody Tweeting, or that he actually thinks people talk this way. Lest we forget, this is a man who holds the highest office in the world.

Which begs the question: is his love of Bing, a) a nervous tic, b) his love of Matthew Perrry in Friends circa 1994, or c) an audible manifestation of a lightbulb flickering in his head every time he’s about to say something geopolitically damaging?

You answered c). Bing, bing, bing!