Donald Trump’s butler just out-Trumped his old boss with this shocking rant

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Chris Sayer

Oh, America.

We thought this week was done with disgraceful and poisonous social media rants (we’re looking at you very disapprovingly, Azealia Banks). That is, until someone in Camp Trump, naturally, piped up with this.

Anthony Senecal, former butler and close pal to presidential hopeful Donald Trump, recently posted a Facebook rant so venomous that the US Secret Service has confirmed it’ll be conducting “an appropriate investigation”, according to Gawker.  

In it, Senecal refers to soon-to-be-exiting President Barack Obama as “pus headed [sic]”, before stating that he should have been “taken out by our military and shot as an agent in his first term.” Exactly why, he fails to mention.

Check out the rest of the tirade below:

Not holding back, is he.

It's not the first time Senecal has publicly expressed his (poorly written) views of Obama. Last May, he called the Prez "a ruddy bastard", as well as some genuinely vile terms that we can't bring ourselves to type out here. 

Wherever your political allegiances lie, we can all agree that this sort of thing definitely won't make America great again.


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