Donald Trump responded to Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech in exactly the way you'd imagine


The crushing inevitability of four years of having to report on Donald Trump, a short-fingered shithouse who seems more preoccupied with having beef with celebrities and sportspeople and sketch comedy writers than running the country, is starting to sink in. It's going to be a long year...

Meryl Streep – nominated for nineteen Academy Awards; widely considered the greatest actor of her generation; really good in the movie The Devil Wears Prada and also every movie she's ever been in, including Mamma Mia – took the stage at the Golden Globes last night to take some shots at the president-elect for mocking reporter Serge Kovaleski, who suffers from a congenital joint condition, while on the campaign trail last year.

Trump replied with all the poise and decorum one would expect from a man who is about to become the most powerful person in the world.

For clarification, here is Donald Trump mocking the disabled reporter on live television in front of the world's media and millions of viewers:

Meryl Streep delivered a scathing attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globes

So that’s good, then, isn’t it? The world is now just that couple who always have public arguments on Facebook statuses blown up to the absolute mega-maximum except one of those friends is the one with the codes to all the nuclear weapons.

(Main Image: Rex Features)