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Dog plays same role for 10 years

Annie star Enters Guinness Book Of Records

Dog plays same role for 10 years
18 November 2011

The most prolific dog stage actor in the world has played the same role 1,365 times over a period of exactly ten years.

All hail Danny, who plays the lead part's pet companion Sandy in Annie.

The wheaten terrier will enter the record books on Tuesday when he treads the boards again on Chris Moreno's production that's touring Britain until December 31st.

“He always gets a big cheer at the end of the show and when we go outside he gets surrounded by children wanting photographs, but he just takes it all in his stride,” owner Rita Mansell told the Telegraph.

“He will miss it. We will have to get back to normality, which is strange. But I think it’s time. He’s done enough, bless him.”

Danny often gets his own dressing rooms at theatres and is handsomely rewarded for his efforts with cheese and sausages.