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Dog called to testify in court

Dog called to testify in court

Dog called to testify in court
27 May 2012

While we might think twice before asking a cat to help testify in court (they'd definitely try to sabotage things), we'd gladly put all of our trust in a dog in our hour of need.

Over in Florida, an already incredibly helpful drug-sniffing dog called Azor was issued a subpoena to appear in court. Azor was a witness to a traffic violation involving defendant/crazy person Rodney McGee and McGee insisted he was present.

The dog was originally brought to the traffic stop to sniff for drugs but found none in McGee's car. He wanted to plant marijuana in the courtroom to test Azor's skills. The dog was brought to the court but his ambitious motion was dismissed.

Despite the desperate move, McGee was still charged $3,000 (£1,910) for failure to signal.

Proof below: