Do These Mysterious Signs Mean The Night Tube Is Arriving Sooner Than You Think?


Noticed an owl staring at you while alighting the tube recently?

Don’t worry, TFL hasn’t turned to those narcoleptic forest-dwellers in a bid to deal with the vermin scuttling across the underground just yet. Rather a flurry of cartoon owls, stencilled onto major signposts by some phantom in the night.

But this isn't the work of Banksy, it’s the TFL, embarking on a clever marketing campaign for the much maligned night tube and breaking out its new Night Owl logo, which suggests the controversial service might be here sooner than you thought.

Originally slated for 12 September, the night tube was suspended after an 11th hour agreement between TFL and union bosses in the midst of all that industrial action over the proposed service last month (we reported that it was pushed back to March 2016) But if you thought it had been kyboshed altogether, you’re in for a surprise.

Last we heard, Nick Brown, manager director of LU said a deal between the two sides was close to happening, while tube bosses were still confident the night tube would go ahead and open by autumn - the initial implantation of which would see the main sections of the Piccadilly, Northern and Central lines, and on the whole of the Jubilee and Victoria lines, running continuously on Friday and Saturday nights - and with these logos now popping up this looks more sure than ever.

Now they're rolling out the owl logo, how about a theme tune? This one might be nice.

How about you? Give a hoot? Let us know below.

[Image: Imgur]

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