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Digital Bottle Top Invented

Way better than analogue bottle tops

Digital Bottle Top Invented

In the list of inventions that the world desperately needs, the digital bottle top is probably not very near the top.

Nonetheless, the people at Strongbow, and Work Club, have come together to create the StartCap UK project, which is selling itself as the first of its kind.

As the videos below demonstrate, the idea is that underneath each bottle top lies an RFID tag which, when exposed, sends a signal to a reader in the room, which then flicks an electronic switch. Each switch can then be assigned to make something happen, such as changing the record, setting off some fireworks, or turning the lights off. The product is currently just a prototype, but there are plans to roll it out if it proves successful.

Is this a brilliant invention that will change the face of clubbing? Or will it just get annoying if, every time you open a bottle of Strongbow, the TV changes channel again?

[via Designtaxi]

Images: StartCap UK


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