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#AwkwardAlert: People can see every photo you’ve ever liked on Facebook

Some tactical un-liking might be in order

#AwkwardAlert: People can see every photo you’ve ever liked on Facebook

"Can they now?" was probably your first reaction to that headline.

"Oh crap... what compromising images might I have liked while half-cut at 3am on a lonesome Saturday night," might well be the second.

Such is the all-knowing nature of Facebook's social web, its search function has the capacity to show your friends exactly what images and posts you've been liking.

How do I find out what people can see?!

Head to the Facebook search bar and start typing "Photos liked by".

You'll see an option of common search terms - either allowing you to immediately see photos you've liked, or photos liked by your friends.

How do I find photos my friends have liked?

Simply search "Photos liked by" and fill in their name.

However, not everyone will be able to see the photos you've been liking. 

You'll only be able to see what your friends have liked relating to the photos and posts of mutual friends. So if Chris and Steve are mates, you'll be able to see how Chris has interacted with Steve's posts. If Chris has been interacting with Bob, who you're not friends with, you won't be able to see the interactions.

Creepy? No, but it is an eye-opening realisation of just how many of your Facebook activities can be shared with other people.

(Image: Shutterstock)