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Dell’s ultra-sleek silent laptop

Super-thin Vostro V130 set to make a splash

Dell’s ultra-sleek silent laptop

A certain company set the precedent for thin laptops in 2008. Since then, many other manufacturers have followed suit to varying degrees of success. But now Dell has set a new blueprint for downsized laptops.

The company has unleashed an ultra-sleek machine measuring just 2cm deep. With its angular aluminium chassis, 13.3in screen and game-changing features, the Vostro V130 is aimed at the bespoke-suited, globetrotting exec.

It’s the first laptop to feature hyperbaric cooling (a fan that sucks in cold air, rather than simply exhausting hot air) and as a result runs almost silently. And, when balanced on your lap for long periods, ensures you’ll stay cool whatever work pressures you are under.

It features a built-in 3G modem for browsing online or sending emails outside a Wi-Fi hotspot. Even the screen has a clever matt finish specifically to minimise reflections from harsh office striplighting.

Granted, it may lack the suave looks of some of its rivals but, to borrow a Hollywood line, “This summer, a new hero will rise…”