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This new deleted scene from ‘It’ is truly disturbing

This would have added another layer of evil

This new deleted scene from ‘It’ is truly disturbing
Tom Victor
03 January 2018

You can split up most people into one of two camps: those who rushed to watch It when it got its first cinema screenings, and those who were too grossed out by the premise to go anywhere near it.

The Stephen King adaptation had quite a bit of box office success after being released last year, earning high praise from King himself.

The veteran author said: “If you like the characters—if you care—the scares generally work,” though those scares might have been a bit much for some of the more squeamish among us.

One particularly disturbing scene might have made things even worse, had it not been canned before filming began, and now another deleted segment has seen the light of day.

Here’s where your usual spoiler warning applies.

Okay, so we all know Henry Bowers, who is played in the 2017 film by Nicholas Hamilton, is what’s technically known as a bit of a shit.

You know what, we can probably go further than that, seeing as he’s a sociopath who kills his own father. Yeah, maybe not on Pennywise levels of evil, but equally not one of the good guys.

Sure, you get enough of a picture of Henry in the scenes which made the film, but if you wanted even more proof of his nature you’re in luck.

In this short clip, which didn’t feature in the cinematic version, he’s also shown to have murdered his own friends. It’s not just a garden variety murder, either – this one looks pretty damn grisly.

Andy Muschietti, who directed the film, has already announced his intention to begin working towards the upcoming sequel – due for a provisional 2019 release – sometime this spring.

‘We’ll probably have a script for the second part in January. Ideally, we would start prep in March.’ He told Variety last year.

In the same interview, the Argentine director was asked about the key to a good horror film, and his answer explains a lot about the scenes which made the final cut and those which didn’t.

“Stay true to what scares you,” he said.

“If you don’t respect that, you can’t scare anyone.”

(Images: Rex Features)