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David Tennant has told Donald Trump exactly what Scotland really thinks of him

The actor had some strong words for the President

David Tennant has told Donald Trump exactly what Scotland really thinks of him
07 August 2018

Donald Trump probably thinks he’s really popular in Scotland.

The US President owns two golf courses in the country, having bought Trump Turnberry in 2014, while his mother was born on the Isle of Lewis.

So, might he actually be popular north of the border in the way he almost certainly isn’t in England? Or even in his home country?

According to one of Scotland’s most prominent actors, former Doctor Who star David Tennant… absolutely not.


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Trump’s arrival in London was met with protests, but he made the assumption that he was beloved in Scotland purely on the basis that people weren’t taking to the streets in their thousands out of sheer anger at the prospect of him being within a few miles of them.

Tennant, however, has moved to clear up any confusion on the matter.

“When he was over here and he was talking about England and he was saying ‘I’m going out to Scotland for my golf course in Scotland cause people in London are protesting but obviously [in] Scotland they really like me,” Tennant told The Last Leg.

“Can I say on behalf of the Scottish nation, we fucking don’t?”

Over the course of his presidency, Trump has been called a “wet noodle” by Arnold Schwarzenegger, found himself the victim of a blimp-based protest, and plenty more.

At least he could call upon his faithful Scottish fans for reassurance, or so he thought.

Instead, though, the man who has enjoyed a sub-50% approval rating throughout his presidency isn’t even that popular overseas.

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