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Here’s David Blaine sewing his mouth shut (and swallowing a frog) on live TV


Here’s David Blaine sewing his mouth shut (and swallowing a frog) on live TV
27 April 2018

Has he gone too far now? David Blaine is of course known for his dangerous TV stunts like being buried alive, trapping himself inside a tomb of ice, annoying Eamonn Holmes and living inside a Plexiglas box over the Thames for a month leaving himself vulnerable to miserable, egg-throwing Londoners. Now THAT is what I call dangerous.

Everyone remember Blaine’s baffling box stunt in 2003? Ah, those were the days

But the magician’s latest ‘trick’ on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show has pretty much left viewers revolted after he sewed his mouth shut on live TV and then proceeded to regurgitate and swallow a frog. 

Is this even magic anymore? I mean… why is he doing this? Is this entertainment?! Yes, it has extreme gross-out appeal but my god!

Here’s the clip… but keep your sick bags at the ready:

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Host Jimmy Fallon tweeted after the stunt: “It is all real. People were fainting. #FallonTonight #DavidBlaine magic.”

But the show’s awesome band leader Questlove didn’t seem too impressed judging by his reaction:

Here’s what a few other people thought of the stunt:

We’re kind of looking forward to seeing what he does next but only in a voyeuristic, terrified sort of way. 

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