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Daimler Coach Experience

Daimler Coach Experience

Daimler Coach Experience

Thrill-seeking coach passengers hang on for their lives as a coach appears to almost topple over while tackling an incredibly steep bend in the road.

The stunning scenes capture the 350,000 pounds luxury touring coach as it drives around a vertical curve at 60mph.

Up to 43 visitors to the Daimler test track, in Unterturkheim, Germany, can experience centrifugal forces on the bus equal to twice their own bodyweight.

The 12 tonne Setra S411 coach has 408 horsepower and is able to negotiate the curve thanks to its "compact dimensions and short overhangs."

Spokeswoman Udo Surig said: "Passengers cannot believe that a coach is able to handle the vertical curve and it's fantastic to see their faces once they have experienced the ride.

"It's not exactly the type of thing you would expect a bus to be capable of, and I wouldn't recommend coach drivers try and pull this off with normal coaches."