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The Daily Mail forced to issue humiliating apology for misleading Paris article

'Powder Keg Paris'

The Daily Mail forced to issue humiliating apology for misleading Paris article

The Daily Mail has finally apologised for an article entitled ‘Powder Keg Paris’ in which it published at least eight misleading sentiments about a neighbourhood in the city it claimed was “teeming” with immigrants.

The apology came six months after Muslim Council spokesman Miqdaad Versi’s original complaint. 

The piece claimed that 300,000 “illegal migrants” were living in Saint-Denis, a neighbourhood in Paris – a factor they said was contributing to a rise in crime in the area. 

This is despite the fact that the area’s entire population is only 110,000.

As Marwan Muhammad pointed out at the time, the report also referred to sharia courts – a claim often levelled by Islamophobic critics and subsequently debunked.

“There are no religious courts in France (unlike other countries) and no shari’a council (except in the mind of the worst Islamophobes),” he wrote. 

“The same laws apply everywhere in France, to everyone.”

The tweet below begins a thread listing the extensive, and basic, mistakes made in the piece.

The article itself was quickly taken down from the Mail website – but only now has an apology been published in the newspaper itself. 

It’s not quite as thorough as you might expect, either. The original piece took up a double page in the newspaper, whilst the correction only just reached 200 words.

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