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Dads worth even less than ever

Dads worth even less than ever

Dads worth even less than ever

This might cause a slight amount of present-creating panic but yes, it's Father's Day on Sunday. Quick, to the shops!

But before you go all-out to reward your father for being, well, your father, it's worth taking note of exactly how much he's worth. Because it ain't that much. have cruelly broken down all of the tasks that dads traditionally perform around the house and used data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics to work out how much he'd be worth in the workplace. Depressingly for fathers, a yearly wage would only amount to $20,248 (£12,996).

They included tasks such as moving furniture, driving, helping with homework and assembling toys to achieve this paltry figure. Just to add insult to poorly paid injury, a similar survey for Mother's Day ascertained that mums should earn an infinitely more impressive $60,182 (£38,631) a year.

Obviously this gender discrepancy isn't mirrored in the real world.

Best buy your dad something rather substantial this weekend. His ego needs a boost.

(Image: Rex Features)