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Create your own Puma trainers

Create your own Puma trainers

Create your own Puma trainers

Now, don't go and label us all irrational control freaks but we're sometimes a bit underwhelmed by the lack of, ermm, control that we have when it comes to trainer shopping.

Sure, we can choose the style and the size and all that but what if we want to change the exact material of the tongue or the colour of the stitching?

Well fret no more. Puma have launched the Creative Factory where you can be an absolute controlling nightmare over your choice of footwear. The ingenious touchscreen interface is housed in a suitcase full of swatches, allowing you to see and feel every element before you decide to go with it.

We went along and tried it for ourselves and you can see what we came up with above. Pretty damn cool right?

Once you've designed your shoe, it'll then be created for you and ready to pick up 4-6 weeks after.

If you want to try the service for yourselves then pop along to the Puma store at Boxpark in Shoreditch.