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Cookie Monster has done a Reddit AMA and it’s as great as you’d imagine

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Cookie Monster has done a Reddit AMA and it’s as great as you’d imagine

It has been a big week for Sesame Street fans, with news breaking that filming could be about to start very soon on a new feature-length movie featuring the show’s characters.

You’ve probably got a fair few questions about it all, and thankfully one man can help.

That man, however, is not a man, but rather a monster. A Cookie Monster, to be precise, and the massive blue guy has been answering fan questions on Reddit because 2019 is already weird.

First things first, you probably have one question for us: how do we know it’s the real Cookie Monster?

Fortunately, he shared a photo of himself at a laptop, cookies and milk to one side, preparing to use his paws to type some answers.

And boy did he have some answers.

Things would begin at a gentle pace, with questions people knew who to turn to on…

However, we quickly turned to more philosophical matters…

As well as some proper conundrums…

Perhaps most importantly, though he opened the door to a duet it’s clear we’d all love to see.

And finally, the answer to the question we were all wondering about.

Never change Mr Monster, you keep on cookieing.

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