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Sorry, but there are actually eight nuns in that viral Seven Sisters photo

Yep, we're here to ruin all your fun

Sorry, but there are actually eight nuns in that viral Seven Sisters photo

Sometimes, the universe just gifts us things and, instead of analysing them, we should just look up to the stars and be grateful.

But we’re not grateful, we are fearless newshounds in pursuit of the truth and we will not rest until we have found it.

The image above went viral today, for good reason. Seven nuns? Aka ‘sisters’? At Seven Sisters tube station? Unbelievable. What an image, as 33-year-old Ben Patey explained, saying:  "I had just had a long day and I was waiting to jump on the train when I looked across and saw the nuns and the sign. I had to do a double-take. It was one of those strange but amusing moments."

But did he? Is what he actually saw in fact EIGHT nuns? But thought: “Hmm, that doesn’t really make a gag. Even though, technically, if there are eight nuns there, then there are seven there as a subset of the eight – as opposed to if there were six, there would not be seven at all – it doesn’t really work on that instant comedic level that I will need in order for a photo to go viral on the internet.”

What if Ben thought: “Hey, if I tactically take this photo with a pillar obscuring the eighth nun who is sitting down, then the visual gag works absolutely perfectly. After all, does it really matter if I bend the truth a little to cheer up people’s days, albeit briefly? After all, we all need a little light relief in these troubled times.”

Well, Ben, it does matter. It does matter to us. And you can’t pull the wool over our eyes that easily. And you know who else knows the truth? The Big Man upstairs, and he will give his verdict on judgement day, especially when it’s his girls you are lying about.

We hope you can live with yourself Ben.

Still, there are seven there. There’s just another one as well. We’ve ruined it for ourselves haven’t we? Yes we have.

[Image: SWNS]