Classic Album Covers Recreated On An Etch A Sketch


How highly do you rate your Etch A Sketch skills? Casual twiddler? Abstract experimenter? Either way, we doubt your creations are on a par with those of Alli Katz. 

Apparently uninspired by the usual mediums of pencil and paint brush, the Philadelphia-based artist (we don't know if that's her real name) discovered a passion for Sketching after messing around with a portable version. 

Having found she had a knack for creating complicated pictures on the children's toy, Katz set about on recreating famous album covers. Why? We've no idea - but they look brilliant. 

Each piece takes up to 45 minutes to create, though the process has to be started from scratch should she make a mistake. 

You can follow Katz's impressive Sketching skills on her Instagram page, and see more of her work on her site. We've picked some of our favourites below. 

(Images: Alli Katz)

[Via: Fast Company]


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