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‘It’ filmmakers are gearing up to reboot another scary film that ruined your childhood

Hate dolls? This one is probably not for you

‘It’ filmmakers are gearing up to reboot another scary film that ruined your childhood
05 July 2018

The Child’s Play series is one of horror’s greatest franchises, and in case you were wondering (you weren’t), here is the order of how good they are, from best to worst:

Child’s Play
Bride of Chucky
Child’s Play 3
Child’s Play 2
Curse of Chucky
Cult of Chucky
Seed of Chucky
(aka The One With Hannah From S Club 7 In It - a film so bad it is to be consigned to the trash heap forever and subject to the droppings of a million seagulls)

Anyway, not content with the news that the franchise will be heading to TV for a limited series under the original creator Don Mancini, the latest scoop is that it’ll be getting a full filmic reboot - the aim is to make Chucky scary again. 

You see, after the relatively straight first movie, as the series bore on, it became more and more comedic, with Bride of Chucky a full-on farce. Curse of Chucky somewhat successfully brought the franchise back to its scary roots, and acted as a sort of soft-reboot, but this one will be from a different team - a proper reset.

The new film will come from director Lars Klevberg, who directed the upcoming horror Polaroid, and be written by Tyler Burton Smith, who worked on Kung Fury and Quantum Break. It’ll also be produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith, who helped bring the IT remake to the screen, so we’ve got a lot of horror-savvy people behind this new project - a good sign if there ever was one.

Much like IT, Child’s Play is a very recognisable franchise and has the ability to stir up the scares to a wide audience (some of whom have never even seen any of the films) - no doubt in part due to it getting erroneously caught up in the James Bulger murder case back in the ‘90s. No connection was ever found, but it’s retained a notoriety that is perhaps unwarranted - as we mentioned before, half of the films are goofy comedies.

Still, it’s most likely that they’re going straight to Scary Town with this one, and although plot details are scarce, it will supposedly involve a group of kids (like all horror movies from now on, forever) up against a technologically-advanced killer doll, this time around, whatever that means.

The film will start production this September, so we’ve got a while before that cute little murderer is back in our lives once more - that’s no reason not to pull your pants up really high and get all excited about it though. Throw yourself an absolute wobbly - I’m not your dad!

(Images: Paramount)