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Google's latest fun trick lets you make music in your browser

You are now a DJ and must quit your job

Google's latest fun trick lets you make music in your browser
02 March 2018

Oh, making music, that’s so easy, you think, as you watch Top of the Pops or whatever it is kids watch nowadays to find out about the fabbest songs on the hit parade. But is it? Is it really?

Well, thanks to Google Chrome, you can give it a go without shelling out a sack-load of dough for a professional music production programme, because they’ve just introduced Song Maker, an in-browser way to bang out a couple of bangers from your bedroom.

I mean, this is rudimentary stuff - you’re not going to be bothering Max Martin any time soon, but it’s a fun time-waster. In fact, that’s probably all it is: an interesting way to put off whatever it is that you actually have to do that day.

Google Creative Lab’s Director Alexander Chen has shared a bunch of the tunes he’s made on it, to give you an idea of what it’s capable of:

So yeah, maybe it is easy? Maybe anyone can be a music producer? Just click a bunch of squares and circles and have a hit record, so simple! And you can make one here, Timbaland.

Look, I can prove it - here’s a beautiful one I just made:


Anyway, let’s take bets on which stupid Instagram band are going to make a song made entirely on this.

(Image: Google)