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'Christmas Jumper' from Beachy Head brewer slammed

Makers insist there's no malice behind the title

'Christmas Jumper' from Beachy Head brewer slammed

A festive ale named 'Christmas Jumper' from a Beachy Head Brewery, East Sussex, has been criticised for insensitivity.

Beachy Head, on the UK's south coast is one of the world's most notorious suicide hot spots with on average 20 people jumping to their deaths every year.

The brewery said the name of the beer had been misconstrued but relatives of people who have died at the 162m cliff aren't so sure.

Mr Lane, a local window cleaner told The Telegraph: "All the people I have talked to about it have said to me how much in bad taste it is. If I had seen it in a pub, I would ask who brewed that.

'"It could have been misconstrued but, now the brewery is aware of the objections to it, it should rename it because hundreds of people have been touched by deaths at Beachy Head.'"

The brewery says it has not received a single complaint. A spokesman for the beer makers said: 'The name is derived from the woolly jumpers that Santa wears... there was no malice intended. I don't think there is anything controversial about it.'

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