This child started a fire at an anti-Trump rally and totally owned it on live TV

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Sam Diss

Donald Trump takes control of the worl-- I mean, is finally elected President of the United States today, to be sworn in in-front of Johnny Borrell, Dick & Dom, loads of old fellas in star-spangled jackets, ten-gallon hats, white hoods, and crying everypeople, staring up at the sky while dark skies swirl.

Thankfully, there’s also Conor. Conor attended an anti-Trump protest in Washington DC and, surrounded by guys in balaclavas, set fire to a pro-Trump sign in the street. That’s because Conor is the realest motherfucker alive. 


The realest. Mother. Fucker. A. Live.

But like everything in the US right now, opinion was split:

"Cuz that's a good thing to be teaching the youth of our country!" wrote @PixarsG, from Illinois. "Not blindly trusting authority and civil disobedience are pretty good, yeah," @EdwardGorelik clapped back.


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