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Chevy fulfils a million boyhood dreams

Chevy fulfils a million boyhood dreams

Chevy fulfils a million boyhood dreams

“It’s been nearly 20 years since I started designing cars for Hot Wheels,” announced Felix Holst, vice president of Mattel Wheels Division, recently. “And I have yet to drive one home.”

“Unless you’re 3in tall, Mr Holst, that’s hardly surprising,” you’re no doubt thinking. But hang on, hear the man out. As the picture confirms, Mr Holst’s fantasies no longer require a Rick Moranis-operated shrinking machine to be made real.

Unveiled in Las Vegas at the beginning of this month, Chevrolet’s Camaro Hot Wheels Edition is, as you may have guessed, a full-size, fully drivable vehicle based on the hugely popular racing toys.

Available in a V8 coupe with either automatic or manual transmission, the car features a 6.2-litre engine (capable of 432hp) as well as black 20in wheels, a 7in touchscreen radio and instantly recognisable Hot Wheels logo on the grille. It’s available to order now – price as yet undisclosed.

Now, who votes we put Chevrolet in touch with the folk at Scalextric next?