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We have some very, very good news about cheese

Cheese lovers, it's our time to shine

We have some very, very good news about cheese
17 August 2017

Though cheese is pretty much universally loved, we’re all still aware that it’s not that good for us. It’s a good source of calcium, yes, but it’s also full of fat – not so great if you’re watching your figure or trying not to completely clog all of your arteries, and not so good in the horrifyingly large quantities we probably all eat it in. 

But our categorisation of cheese as sort-of bad for us may actually be erroneous, it turns out – cheese could, in fact, be a superfood.

According to scientists in Korea, Swiss cheese can improve our ‘healthspans’. It’s all down to a cheesy probiotic – propionibacterium freudenreichii – that can reduce inflammation in the body and therefore slow ageing.

Cheese could be a superfood, which is great news, isn't it?

It may also boost our immune system, helping us ward off colds and flu, and has even been linked to lowering the incidence of colon cancer. All of which sounds pretty good for, yknow, some cheese.

Don’t get too excited, though – the probiotic can only be found in one type of cheese, emmenthal, so all those cheddar toasties and mozzarella pizzas you’re eating probably aren’t doing the job of kale, goji berries or chia seeds. 

There are also all the negative side-effects of eating too much cheese to consider – all the saturated fat and salt, the potential for high cholesterol and the susceptibility of heart attack or stroke. All that stuff.

But hey, let’s not ignore the good stuff, Swiss cheese is officially a superfood. I know what I’m having for dinner/breakfast tomorrow/every meal ever for the rest of time.

(Image: iStock)