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Check out Pixar's new Finding Dory trailer

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Check out Pixar's new Finding Dory trailer
02 March 2016

Yes, we're perfectly aware that Pixar makes films for children - but don't try and tell us you haven't got a 'top five' Pixar list, because we won't believe you (Toy Story, The Incredibles, Wall-E...).

It's not like we need to convince you of their universal appeal anyway, you've come here of your own volition to watch the new trailer for Finding Dory. 

Revealed by The Ellen Show (hint - the US talk show host has a pretty central role), the latest trailer puts some flesh (fins?) on the film's bones: when Dory's shifting memory conjures up thoughts of her long lost family, she sets off to find her old home. And gets lost, obviously. 

We've got a fishy feeling it might make its way into your top five when it arrives in July...

Finding Dory arrives in UK cinemas on 29 July