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This under-the-radar horror show is being called ‘the best on TV’

You may never have even heard of it

This under-the-radar horror show is being called ‘the best on TV’

For a long time, horror buffs have had a relatively limited number of options when it comes to TV – shows like American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful and Bates Motel come to mind. But now we’ve got a new offering to add to that list in the form of under-the-radar hit Channel Zero.

The show, created by writer Nick Antosca, first aired on the Syfy network in the US in October 2016. But with the third season hitting screens last week, fans have been praising the terrifying series, with some calling it ‘the best horror show on TV’.

Storylines for the series, which has 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, are based on popular creepypastas – scary urban myths or images that have been spread around the internet. Perhaps the most famous creepypasta of them all is the one and only Slender Man.

Here’s a summary of each season so far:

Candle Cove (2016)

A child psychologist returns to his hometown to determine if his brother’s disappearance is somehow connected to a series of similar incidents and a bizarre children’s television show that aired at the same time.

No-End House (2017)

A young woman and her group of friends visit a bizarre house of horrors only to find themselves questioning whether it is a tourist attraction or something more sinister.

Butcher’s Block (2018)

A young woman moves to a new city haunted by a series of disappearances and, after learning that they may be connected to a baffling rumor, works with her sister to discover what is preying on the city’s residents.

Praising the show on Twitter, movie expert and editor of /Film Jacob Hall wrote: “If CHANNEL ZERO was on Netflix, everyone wouldn’t be able to stop talking about it. Season 3 premiere is aces. Best horror show on TV. Perfectly binge-able. Scary as hell. Should be every genre fan’s favorite thing.”

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee writer Mike Drucker said: “God @ChannelZeroSYFY is so good.”

Writer Ken Baumann added: “This is the most relentlessly weird and scary show on television, and I love it.”

You can purchase the show on Amazon here. We just hope you have a spare pair of pants.

(Image: Syfy / Channel Zero)