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Casino Royale receives Lego remodelling

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Casino Royale receives Lego remodelling

Remember the first Lego model you were genuinely proud of? The hours of labour you poured into it, gurning your way through reams of instruction booklets? Well Redditor duncanmcconchie just tore your childhood achievement apart with this shot-for-shot reconstruction of James Bond's opening noir moments of Casino Royale.

In order to replicate Daniel Craig's first kills as 007, duncanmcconchie dedicated two weeks to capturing three minutes and 19 seconds of block-sized brutality. Check out the video and we're sure you'll agree it was a fortnight well spent.

We're particularly struck by the chunky violence of the sink drowning sequence - who knew executing Lego could be so disturbing? Bravo duncanmcconchie. Now how about a reconstruction of Skyfall's house defence sequence? He probably won't have enough bricks...

To gauge the incredible level of detail duncanmcconchie has faithfully captured with his stop motion short, watch the below side by side comparison video.

Via the Metro