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Carjacker blames crime on Dark Knight Rises

Batman would not approve

Carjacker blames crime on Dark Knight Rises

As you may already know, The Dark Knight Rises is currently being filmed in Pittsburgh and we've already seen the pandemonium it's been causing.

While the shaky cam fan footage is no great surprise, it looks like the film has also been having a more unexpected effect on the locals.

A man, who was already suspected of assault, let himself into a car and told the driver he was going to be stealing it. The driver turned out to be a cop and drew a gun on the 21-year-old criminal who then decided to use the dumbest excuse ever to explain his actions. He claimed that he was part of the shoot and that stealing a car was actually in the script.

Unsurprisingly, the detective didn't believe him and he was arrested. If a similar excuse didn't work for shoplifter Winona Ryder then it wasn't going to work for a non-special...

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