Captivating Motion Study Gifs


We imagine that capturing the movement of bodies on a canvas requires hours of study on the part of artists - adding a line here, a flick there, a smudge to hint at the passage of motion. Digital artists have it a bit easier - but that doesn't make the results any less impressive.

Justin Mezzell has spent months studying the movement of the simplest of contraptions - from the slide of a matchbox draw to the spin of a globe. The results of his study are compiled in an immensely satisfying tumblr, Motion Study.

You can almost hear the click, whir and buzz of each of these objects in motion - we lost ourselves in the Newton's Cradle image for far, far too long. Head over to Mezzell's site to see the rest of his work - both static and moving.

(Images: Justin Mezzell)


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