Captivating abstract movie & TV posters


Had Pablo Picasso lived to experience Netflix, Lord knows what he would have made of it all. Probably that Daredevil demands repeated viewings and that the plot of Dredd was annoyingly similar to The Raid 2 – but, like we say, we've really no idea how he’d react to today’s cinematic and TV offerings.

In fact, the closest we might get to an answer could lie in these sterling geometric works, covering every modern hit from Breaking Bad to The Walking Dead to Casino Royale, and splashing their motifs with abstract flourishes worthy of any art gallery.

The genius behind this series is Brighton-based illustrator Mobokeh, who's even extended her angular treatment to lesser loved modern productions like Dark Shadows and Arrow, which only makes us appreciate her efforts even more.

Visit her website now you can even get these prints emblazoned on t-shirts, throw pillows, iPod cases and shower curtains. 

Though she's clearly missed a trick with The Bates Motel...