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The coolest Star Wars games you never got to play

We were robbed of a Chewbacca adventure game?!

The coolest Star Wars games you never got to play

Much like their cinema partners, Star Wars video games fit into two broad categories: 

  • The amazing ones - Knights of the Old RepublicRogue SquadronX-Wing vs TIE Fighter
  • The crap ones - Obi-WanThe Force Unleashed IIKinect Star Wars

However, there exists a third subsection that attracts more Star Wars games than most other franchises: the cancelled games.

The enduring popularity of Star Wars has seen many video game publishers set out to put their own unique spin on the saga - but budget constraints, creative differences and menacing phantoms can scupper promising titles. 

In this video, Unseen64 - the online video game archive - has put together a history of three such titles: a brilliant Rogue Squadron compilation, the hugely promising Dark Squadron and an adventure title staring everyone's favourite walking carpet, Chewbacca. 

Grab a seat, cuddle up to your BB-8 pillow and prepare for a tale from the Dark Side of the video game world.