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'By age 35' is the hilarious new meme that everyone can identify with

"By age 35 you should have an entire cabinet filled with Tupperware containers. That don’t match."

'By age 35' is the hilarious new meme that everyone can identify with
22 May 2018

Growing up is weird. One minute you’re desperately willing yourself to hit the magic milestone of 18 so you can do all the fun stuff and get out into the world then, suddenly, you blink and you’re organising a thirtieth birthday party and desperately hoping that enough people will turn up to make it look respectable.

But while getting older might seem a little scary, never forget that there’s a good few hundred million other people in the same boat as you. Despite what you thought when you hit 18, it turns out you’re not special, which is something of a disappointment in a way but, as this hilarious new meme demonstrates, also quite a comfort.

For, as we all age together, it seems that we all have the same weird little quirks and habits, that we’ve all collectively adopted, despite never having ever discussed it with anyone else.

Even if you’re not 35 yet, if you don’t recognise yourself in at least one of these Twitter posts then you’re either a) a liar or b) a liar.

Cable hoarding

Tupperware mismatches


Digital hoarding

Plastic bag hoarding

When life admin gets in the way of fun

Friendship #2

Cutlery issues

Book hoarding

USB hoarding

Just getting old


But, look, it doesn’t matter if you do every single one of the above, or if you feel that you don’t have your life together.

Because this is a fact:

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