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Bus driver rushes son to hospital in double-decker

Bus driver rushes son to hospital in double-decker

Bus driver rushes son to hospital in double-decker

A quick-thinking bus driver drove his two-year-old son to hospital in his double-decker after the youngster suffered an epileptic fit.

Ross Cork, 27, was forced to drive son Riley to hospital after the ambulance he called was delayed.

The Norwich bus driver had just finished for the evening when he received a frantic call from wife Lydia.

She told him that Riley, who was stopping at his nearby granddad's home, was fitting and needed to go to hospital.

A frantic Ross called his manager and was given the all clear to drive the bus to his son.

He said: "I drove that bus down some roads I didn't think I would ever drive down - I still can't believe I did it.

"I keep thinking how lucky it was that I was in the city centre when I got the call".

When he arrived Ross discovered a rapid response vehicle and paramedic at the scene.

However, he was then told that an ambulance en route to Riley had been held up ten miles away and decided to drive his son to hospital in the double-decker.

Ross drove there with his son on the back seat being cared for by the paramedic.

At hospital Riley was given emergency treatment and kept overnight for observation before being discharged the following day. He is now recovering at home.

PHOTOS BY: Albanpix Ltd / Rex Features


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