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Burglar tempted into swigging cider when on the rob

Leaves DNA. Gets arrested.

Burglar tempted into swigging cider when on the rob

If the book How to burgle for dummies existed we're betting Ian Cronshaw wishes he'd read it before raiding a £1 million house in Devon.

It's not that he didn't get good loot as he managed to nick £3,700 of valuables, but rather he didn't get away with it by making a ridiculous mistake.

Cronshaw ransacked the place along with a group of others, the second time the property had been burgled in two months, and helped himself to a drink of cider. Police were then able to identify him as he'd left his DNA all over the glass (facepalm klaxon).

Police later found motorcycle helmets, leathers and other items at Cronshaw’s home, which had been taken in the first raid.

The owner was only half way through cataloguing the valuables stolen during the first raid and so was unable to say what else was taken, although his list of stolen items was itself taken.

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(Via: Daily Mail)


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