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'Bully' Former Pro Scores Triple Century Against Teenagers

'Bully' Former Pro Scores Triple Century Against Teenagers

'Bully' Former Pro Scores Triple Century Against Teenagers
14 January 2014

A former professional cricketer has come under fire after smashing an unbeaten triple century against a team of young boys.

Craig Findlay, CEO of Hawke's Bay Cricket Assocation, scored 307 from just 115 balls in a one-day club match in Napier, New Zealand, against a school team with an attack comprised mainly of 15 and 16-year-olds. He showed no mercy, stroking 27 sixes, despite pleas for him to retire as the youngsters grew more demoralised as the marathon innings continued. His team ended up scoring a huge 578 from 45 overs.

Amateur cricketer Andrew Frame tweeted, "Nothing to be proud of in that game. Tech should have declared at 300-1 at the 20-over break and saved face. I was playing on next pitch, almost got hit by two 6s. Felt for the St Johns' boys. Unfair contest, really. Bit of a farce overall. Not good for the game."

Findlay had apparently been keen to 'prove a point', believing that the school team were not good enough to be in the division, and parents of the St John's College 1st XI waded in, with Michele McNatty, speaking on behalf of the players' parents adding, "I'm just so disappointed in the way they used our boys to prove a point. How would [he] feel if some day someone like him bullies his young boy on the park as a batsman or bowler?"

Findlay, for his part, was unrepentant, saying, "I now have other boys looking forward to having a crack at me so it's a great opportunity for them to get a former first-class cricketer out. I played hard so that's why I won a lot. To create champions you have to be tough."

All we can say is thank goodness he wasn't playing against the England attack; he might really have got going then.

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