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Stop the press: the UK's best cheese has been revealed

Want? Need? NEED.

Stop the press: the UK's best cheese has been revealed
31 May 2018

It is very possible that the following statement is something we can all agree on:

Cheese is the best food in the history of the dinosaurs.

Yep, nothing really beats cheese. You have a meal without cheese in it? Not really a meal, is it? Something missing there. Namely: cheese.

To find the best cheese in the UK - that’s what we all strive for, isn’t it? If you like cheese, it stands to reason that you’d absolutely want (need) to try the best one on the British Isles. And thankfully, we know exactly which one that is, and we’re going to tell you.

The British Cheese Awards 2018 happened this week, and out of 1000 cheeses, the ultimate winner was Sheep Rustler from Somerset-based cheesemaker White Lake Cheese, and as you may have guessed, cows had nothing to do with it. Sorry vegans - this is no miracle fake cheese - animals were still involved, but in this rare case it was made from thermised unpasteurised ewe’s milk.

To decide the winner, a total of 147 cheesemakers from 54 counties took part, with cheeses being scored on presentation, texture, aroma, flavour and balance by a panel of 77 judges. This is serious business, not some cheese awards for babies.

Peter Mitchell, chairman of the British Cheese Awards, said: 

“The number and quality of the cheeses entered for this year’s awards has been exceptional and made judging and choosing the winners a real challenge. 

“We’re delighted that White Lake Cheese, a local Somerset cheesemaker, won the Supreme Champion trophy for its Sheep Rustler; a delicious and intriguing ewe’s milk cheese.

“We’re very fortunate in this country to have such a great number of dedicated and skilled cheesemakers that are renowned for their excellence and commitment to quality. This is reflected in the cheeses that were judged this year.”

If you want to get your hands on some, which you do, don’t you, you absolutely will not stop until it is resting in your wet trap - then you can head on over here and order a full truckload of it. Then, you can sit back and enjoy it until you reach a stage where if you were to accidentally cut yourself, instead of blood, a Primula-type sludge seeps out of your broken skin. Jealous!

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